Stone Soup Scoop #5

August 2016

Info for All Volunteers

THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS. Stone Soup served 18,500 meals to hungry people in the first half of2016, more than 100 per day. This was only possible because of you. We fed individuals and families,young and old, the hopeful and discouraged, for only about $1 per meal.

MANY TEAMS, TWO LOCATIONS. You already know that Stone Soup serves meals at two locations: at St Mary's gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; and in the basement of First Christian Church on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. And you know that each meal requires a whole team of volunteers. But you may not realize that each team has its own way of getting the work done, its own style, its own personality. And you may not be aware of the rich variety of approaches and attitudes: some teams are committed to serving together over many months and years; others are committed to educating a new generation of good citizens by giving students the opportunity to volunteer, even if that is possible for only one or two occasions. Leaders of the various teams get together regularly to ensure that all are working together to get the job done as effectively, efficiently and joyfully as possible. We are all united in our primary commitment to serving an attractive, nutritious, full meal once a day, every day of the year, to anyone in need.

ONE SPECIAL VOLUNTEER. Leticia Henry, an OSU student from Springfield Oregon, has been a volunteer at Stone Soup since February 2015. She was looking for another volunteer opportunity when she stumbled onto Stone Soup online. She has been working every Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday ever since! Leticia finds that working at Stone Soup helped to ease the stress of the course load she wastaking at OSU. She found the other volunteers were all welcoming and supportive of her goals. Leticia graduated from OSU in June with a degree in Public Health and a minor in Spanish. She is interested inpursuing the Peace Corp after completing her internship.

Leticia is well liked by fellow volunteers and has a wonderful relationship with those we serve. She has taken on a leadership role and serves in the position of lead cook for Saturday and Sunday meals. Leticia has become a cornerstone for the meals at FCC, and we are excited the she will be staying in Corvallis for another year. She plans to do her internship at Stone Soup learning more about food insecurity and the workings of the Stone Soup program. Thank you Leticia for your service!

IT TAKES A VILLAGE. Stone Soup's biggest expense each month is the food we need to purchasefrom a commercial vendor — unfortunately, the foods we can get from Linn-Benton Food Share,Fresh Alliance, and in-kind donations are just not sufficient. We rely on donations to cover the cost ofall the food we need to buy. Perhaps you can help, or perhaps you can suggest these opportunities tofamily and friends:

Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication! Our diners, our community, and all of us at Stone Soup are grateful.

- Jane Huyer, SSCI Board Secretary

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Este institución es un proveedor de igualidad de oportunidades.