Stone Soup Scoop #4

April 2016

Info for All Volunteers

THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS. Stone Soup served 9700 meals to hungry people in the first quarter of 2016: more than 800 meals per week, over 100 per day. This was only possible because of you, and all the time you spend and the work you do. We fed individuals and families, young and old, the hopeful and discouraged — no questions asked — for only about $1 per meal.

A VARIETY OF TASKS. You already know that Stone Soup has a great many volunteers, but you may not realize the wide range of tasks that need to be done. Besides cooks, servers and dishwashers, we have a few volunteers with very specialized tasks. One of these is Jackie S, our data reporter. Each month Jackie gathers essential records from our two meal-sites: the number of meals served each day, and the amounts (weight) of food donated and purchased. She summarizes these numbers, and files our monthly report with Linn-Benton Food Share; these monthly reports are required by the Oregon Food Bank. Jackie has been active in Stone Soup since 2002, when she retired from her career in nursing. Jackie was initially also responsible for purchasing food, but she was glad to drop that responsibility at the first opportunity. Jackie emigrated with her sister from the Netherlands to California in 1964, where she met her husband; they moved to Corvallis to raise their children. Jackie is a member of Corvallis Mennonite Fellowship. We at Stone Soup are grateful to both Jackie and her faith community for their support.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE. As mentioned in the January SCOOP, we continue to depend with humble gratitude on the two churches that provide us with facilities and utilities free of charge. Last fall, the dishwasher at St Mary's seemed to be failing; we learned that it would need to be replaced or modified. It now appears that it will suffice to add a 70°F, 220V hot-water booster; we are working with the church on getting that installed. Meanwhile, one of the refrigerators at St Mary's failed completely one weekend in March. Fortunately, the St Vincent De Paul Food Pantry next door had recently installed new refrigerators and was able to lend us some cooler space until we were able to purchase a new 45 cubic foot commercial refrigerator. We are grateful to Rose's in Portland for offering a discount to non-profit corporations, and to some anonymous donors for contributing funds. The second refrigerator at St Mary's is of similar vintage, and will also need to be replaced soon.

As always, we need help. Our normal expenses (food, supplies, etc.) continue to grow, and we can always use new volunteers. Please encourage your family and friends to explore these opportunities for assisting:

Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication! Our diners, our community, and all of us at Stone Soup are grateful.

- Jane Huyer, SSCI Board Secretary

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Este institución es un proveedor de igualidad de oportunidades.