Stone Soup Scoop #3

January 2016

Info for All Volunteers

We are a non-profit, all-volunteer program in Corvallis, Oregon providing a full meal each day to any person in need.

THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS. Because of you, Stone Soup provided more than 36,000 meals to hungry people in 2015: more than 3000 meals a month, nearly 100 per day. We fed young and old, individuals, families, the discouraged, the lonely, the desperate — no questions asked.

Perhaps you don't know that everyone in Stone Soup is a volunteer; no one is paid even a modest stipend: not the site-supervisors, not the cooks, not the gleaners, not the dishwashers. Everyone donates their time and effort — all of you with generosity and loving care. This is how we continue to serve good meals at very low cost: we spend less than $1 per meal on food.

Our young non-profit corporation has now completed its first full year of operation. St Mary's and First Christian Churches continue to provide rent and utilities at no cost, but we are now responsible for our own administrative expenses, including insurance, accounting, and a share in the cost of repairing or replacing kitchen equipment as necessary. Even with all these expenses, our total cost per meal in 2015 was less than $1.25.

IN MEMORIAM. Last summer we lost a young volunteer named Skylar Galardi. Skylar found inspiration and meaning in his work at Stone Soup, and particularly in the person of Steve, our Monday lead cook. Stone Soup received a good number of memorial donations in Skylar's honor; we are grateful to his family and friends. We in turn are inspired by Skylar and his family to continue serving our diners and fellow volunteers with renewed respect, honor, and dignity.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE. In mid-January we learned that Corvallis Housing First is pulling back from its intent to partner with Stone Soup to operate a new year-round homeless shelter; the proposed Our Place facility was originally scheduled to open in November 2015, then 2016, then 2017 or later. Now it has apparently been dropped altogether. This leaves Stone Soup still dreaming of operating a single meal-site some day, and meanwhile gratefully dependent on the two churches that provide the two meal-sites we operate now. Some of the aging kitchen equipment (like St Mary's dishwasher) is difficult to repair, and we will probably have to spend more funds in repairing and replacing equipment in the next year or two. And our normal expenses, food, supplies, etc., continue and increase. We need financial help, and we can always use new volunteers to share in the many tasks it takes to feed the hungry. If you can help in any way, we will be very grateful. Perhaps you can suggest to family and friends these opportunities:

Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication! Our diners, our community, and all of us at Stone Soup are grateful.

- Jane Huyer, SSCI Board Secretary

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Este institución es un proveedor de igualidad de oportunidades.