Stone Soup Meal Schedule

Stone Soup provides a full meal each day to any person in need.
All are welcome to come and eat.
No identification or qualification is required.

Stone Soup sirve comidas gratis a todos los que necesitan.
No se requiere ni identificación, ni prueba de ingreso.

St Mary's Gymnasium, 501 NW 25th St, Corvallis OR
(Gymnasium de la Iglesia de Santa Maria, 501 NW 25th St, Corvallis OR)

Mondays5:30-6:30 pmel lunes
Wednesdays11:30 am-12:30 pmel miercoles
Thursdays5:30-6:30 pmel jueves
Fridays11:30 am-12:30 pmel viernes


First Christian Church, 602 SW Madison, Corvallis OR

Tuesdays5:30-6:30 pmel martes
Saturdays10:00-11:00 amel sabado
Sundays5:30-6:30 pmel domingo

We are grateful to both St Mary's Catholic Church and First Christian Church
for providing kitchen and dining facilities as well as utilities free of charge.

This institution is an equal opportunity

Este institución es un proveedor de igualidad de oportunidades.